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Single girl, this is your year

Let's Talk Singleness

January 1, 2019

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“This is your year.”


That phrase is one of the most reassuring things someone can say to me. To hear that THIS year, THIS YEAR is going to be MY year, and that they believe it to be so. They believe that no matter what I’m leaving behind in the year before, something good is coming in the next.

But while that phrase can be applied to all sorts of aspects of life, historically I only cared if someone said it to me in relation to finding a man. “Girl, this is your year. This is the year you’ll find your husband. I can FEEL it.”

Has anyone ever told you that?

There’s just something so comforting about someone else having confidence in what you’re waiting for. In some way, knowing that they have hope, reignites your own.

Well, I wish I could tell you that’s what this post is about. Me telling you that this is the year your love story unfolds. That I can just feel it. isn’t.

Oh I do think this could be the year that it happens. And do I hope this IS your (*cough* our) year? Um. YES. But since I know God has the timing of that under control, and I simply can’t predict when it is, there’s something else I want to tell you today.


I want to tell you that this could be the year for an infinite number of life-changing and life-giving events, even more than just finding your guy.


And while I can’t be sure of what this year will bring you, and we are all starting the year from a different place, I know that this IS your year for something. Something unexpected, that only God could have in store.

Could this be your year for love? Totally! But I hope that whether it is or not, it’s also your year for so much more, like:


Unexpected adventure

The courage to say YES to opportunity

Falling more in love with exactly who you are, imperfections and all

Discovering authentic community and friendship

Uncovering a new passion, or reigniting an old one

Finding joy in the small things, and learning to choose joy in ALL things

Healing from the past, and finding renewed hope for the future


And my hope and prayer for you is that at the end of the next 365 days, you’re able to look back, no matter the circumstance, and say “That was my year. The year when God…”

The year when GOD.

So cheers my sisters to another year of growing, experiencing, and becoming more of who God intended us to be. I know there is so much in store.

This is our year. <3


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