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“Wait, SHE’S getting married?!”: Encouragement for when jealousy takes hold

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April 15, 2019

“Wait, SHE’S getting married?”


Sound familiar?

Maybe those words have never come out of your mouth, but I’d venture to guess that as a single girl, at some point you’ve had this thought. (And if not, you’re a far better person than I am)

You see people around you getting engaged. Maybe people who are younger than you (preach), people less experienced than you, and people who you’ve judged to simply be less deserving than you.

Why God has given them exactly what you wanted doesn’t make sense.

Doesn’t He know you’ve been waiting? Doesn’t He know you’ve done everything to earn what she has?

But here’s the thing. We will never deserve to get married. In fact, the imperfect nature of our humanity leaves us deserving of nothing. (Sorry, intense truth bombs being dropped today, take cover!)


We can’t earn getting married.


We are not more undeserving of marriage than anyone else, because we are equally not as deserving as anyone else. I say that not to be discouraging, but to show you that God has a plan that is bigger than anything we can do, and anything we can earn.

So next time the little green monster rears it’s head toward that girl with the new rock, I encourage you to remember:

The plan and path for her life is different right now than yours, and while that may not feel easy to swallow (trust me, I’ve choked on that truth a few times), where you are right now is just fine, because it’s exactly where God wants you, and He’s taking you where He needs you to go.

He does not have a hidden agenda, He does not love her more than He loves you. She’s done nothing to deserve it, and you’ve done nothing to be undeserving.


You simply have your own story to tell, and so does she.


Hers is no better, and yours is no worse because of how it looks at this one moment in time.

So don’t be distracted or discouraged by what is happening to those around you.

Your path isn’t theirs. Yours lies in the here and now, and in what is up ahead.

Eyes forward, dear girl. God has so much planned for you yet, and you could not possibly deserve or earn the goodness that’s in store.

"Wait, SHE'S Getting Married?": Encouragement for When Jealousy Takes Hold | Singleness Quotes | Jealousy | Singleness | Hope in Singleness | Singleness Advice |

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