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Eighty and never married: A single woman’s advice for the next generation

Let's Talk Singleness

March 16, 2019

Before this one, I had another blog, my first blog, called The Swing Set (


The mission of the blog was to interview elderly members of our community and inspire others with their wisdom and life stories.

The first person I ever interviewed for that blog was a woman named Beverly. Beverly was never married, and although she had the opportunity several times, she said she just never found anyone she felt was the right fit.

I haven’t seen Miss Beverly since I wrote her post four years ago, but today at church I recognized her instantly, sitting in the row just in front of me.

We chatted after the service, and after listening to her zest for life, and hearing her say “I have no regrets”, it inspired me to take a look back at her story on the blog.


Without knowing that years later I’d start a blog to encourage single women, I had asked her what she would say to women who are single and still hoping to find someone.


She said:

“The best thing you can do, serve other people. If you get your mind on that, you’ll be happy. It’s true. If you’re all wound up, “Oh I want to get married”, if its just consuming you, and I’m not saying its wrong to want to get married of course, but if you let it consume you, you’re missing out on all these people you could be serving. The more you do for other people, the happier you are.”


Miss Beverly has lived and is living a full life dedicated to the Lord and serving others, and not for one second would she tell you it was a mistake, or that her life hasn’t been an adventurous, fulfilling ride.

What I do know she would tell you and all the single ladies out there, just as she told me, is this:


“Set your goal to please the Lord, to do what He’s telling you to do, and then let Him do the job.”


God has plans beyond our own, and when we make the choice to unwind our all consuming desires and let Him take control, He offers us incredible life, even if what we hope for never comes to fruition.

If Miss Beverly’s life is any indication that this is true, then I feel confident that we can rest in the Lord today, and as Beverly says, let Him do the job.

To read Beverly's full life story, click here


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