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Life doesn’t start on your wedding day: Encouragement to live life today

Let's Talk Singleness

February 18, 2020

“I’ll do that when I’m married.”


That was my mantra for years.

“That will be better, more worth it with a husband, so I’ll just wait for him.”

I remember specifically feeling that way when I decided I wanted to run a marathon. It wasn’t so much that I needed a guy to run the marathon with me, as much as I wanted that Hollywood movie moment at the end. The one where I finish the race, run into his arms, and he swings me around and tells me how proud he is.


What was the point in doing it without a guy waiting for me at the end?


What was the point in traveling with someone if it wasn’t going to be romantic? Buying a house if there’s no one to sit on the floor and eat pizza with the first night? Making a memory at all without the love of my life in it?

If you’ve had those thoughts too, I get it. And truthfully, I don’t doubt that making memories with a husband is indeed awesome. But do you know what else it turns out is awesome? Living life even when it isn’t exactly as you pictured, and realizing it is still so, so good.

I eventually ran that marathon, and there was no guy at the end.

Just a sidewalk, waiting for me to collapse onto it, full of exhaustion and pride at what I’d done.


That was the moment I realized I didn’t need the guy.


He wasn’t what made the experience. The fact that I was living, and sinking into the moment for what it was, THAT is what made the experience, and dang if I’ll never forget that feeling.

Friends, some of the very best moments of my life so far wouldn’t have happened if I had forever believed the lie that life is only worth living with a guy, and I desperately don’t want you to miss out on those moments of your own.


So what are those experiences and dreams you’ve put on the shelf, waiting for a husband to take them down?


Every single one of those is a memory just waiting for you to let it come to life.

Don’t deprive yourself of those memories any longer. They may be some of the best of your life. ♥️

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Photo by Ian Schneider on Unsplash

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