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If you knew you would get married tomorrow, what would you savor today?

Let's Talk Singleness

January 30, 2020

If you knew you would get married tomorrow, what would you savor today?


It’s easy to dream about what we look forward to in marriage. (trust me, I have a long list.) Those things readily come to mind the moment we find ourselves longing for the day that hope becomes a reality.

But what we often neglect in those moments is what we might miss about our singleness.

Years ago, I would have rolled my eyes at that statement (maybe you just did).

Come on Laura, you won’t miss ANYTHING about this, I would have thought. Have you forgotten about the dating apps, the wasted bags of lettuce because you’re the only one eating it, the fact that the only person waiting for you at the airport is your Uber driver?!

Ok, ok, yes, I get it. There are certainly things I won’t miss. But there’s a whole lot that I think I just might, and when I stand back and take stock of those things, something miraculous happens:


I see the truth that neither singleness nor marriage is better or worse, they’re simply different, beautiful and challenging in their own ways.


And the more that truth sinks in, the more free I feel to savor life as it is today.

I would venture to guess that might be true for you, too. So I’d love to know what you appreciate about your singleness. What are those things you could sink into enjoying more today, knowing the future might be different?

Here are just a few of mine, drop yours below!

  • Picking whatever I want to watch on TV, always (Did anyone watch The Circle? I need to talk about it.).
  • Drinking directly out of the carton (yep, I do it. I am not ashamed).
  • Time and experience to realize how capable I really am.
  • Making plans with my girlfriends on a whim.
  • Spending the holidays with my family without my time being divided.
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