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A plea to the single girl on Valentine’s Day

Let's Talk Singleness

February 14, 2019

Happy Valentine’s Day, loves!


While today can be a fun day of sweet notes and candy hearts, I have something I really need to tell any of my single ladies who may be scrolling their social media today feeling left out or unloved. And here it is:

I need you to know that today changes nothing.

I know that your senses are being bombarded with images of what you want and don’t have (yet), and because of that, you may find yourself tempted to buy into the lies this day sometimes tells.

Lies that say that because you are single you are:




Not enough



But do NOT let today lie to you.


Everything that you were yesterday, you still are today. Today changes nothing.

You are still loved, worthy, enough, thought of, and fully made whole, not only in the eyes of those who know you, but in the eyes of God, who sees you no other way.

God didn’t create Valentine’s Day, and in His eyes and His plan for your life, today is just another day.

A day to use you, lead you, and work behind the scenes to take you exactly where He wants you to go (and I’m confident the plan is SO good).

He doesn’t bestow more love on couples today than He does on you, or have bigger plans for their lives, nor has He stopped work on the good plans He has for you.

So I beg you, do not let today lie to you.

Today changes nothing. <3

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